Maxi Detox Cleanse Ionic Foot Spa

Maxi Detox Cleanse Ionic Foot Spa

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The Maxi Detox foot spa is the latest in ionic detox foot bath technology, professional grade quality  & the most powerful/safest machines on the market. Detox your body completely in just 20 minutes a day.

  • Simple To Use
  • Detox Heavy Metals From Your Organs
  • Clear Your Skin Complexion
  • Feel More Energetic
  • Improve Your Sleep
  • Remove Dangerous Toxins From Your Body


"My wife and I have been using this machine for 1 month and since then my wife is experiencing a great relief from her hands arthritis pain and I have a relief feeling from my foot pain" - Jonathan

Our superior quality construction, comprehensive protective mechanism, water module with advanced features, technologically advanced in components, internal stages of regulation, output, and use of double insulation enhances conductivity sets us apart from other foot bath products. 


The harmful positive ion (kation) is a particle that loses an electron. The healthful negative ion (anion) gains an electron in the valency orbit; that is it increases the ability to absorb and utilize oxygen and reduces any excess of harmful serotonin.


Adjustable current control is imperative & necessary due to a variety of external variables.


Maxi Detox units' generate IONS at a higher VOLTAGE - Other machines produce ions around 300-400 milliV (or 0.400 volts), very low voltage. Maxi Detox runs 35 times higher than this. Depending on the amps being ran during a session, as an example 1.6 amps (only 1/2 the full power of our machine).


We have had independent labs test our bath water against other foot-baths machines and we far out produce the number of ions in the water. This is due to several reasons: we run more current through our water module, higher power, and a faster cubic per meter rate (meaning that our machine processes the water at a faster rate).


✓ Device Type: Massage & Relaxation

✓ Material: ABS

 Plug Type: UK, AU, EU, US

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Maxi Detox Cleanse Ionic Foot Spa Unit