Hydrophobic T-shirt

Hydrophobic T-shirt

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Award Winning Product

Do you go often to the gym or enjoy doing sports? This hydrophobic t-shirt is designed to keep you dry and smelling great as you focus on your game. Its fabric is made using nano-technology and engineered to let sweat pass out rapidly and will let you unleash your best performance.

Resistant against all liquids

The t-shirt is resistant against water, coffee, tea, milk, and carbonated beverages. This makes it highly useful for traveling or hiking where you might encounter such liquids without the possibility of washing it.

Due to its repellent nature, it also stays clean for an extended period of time. The water resistance is also beneficial for keeping you dry during periods of physical activity.

Nano level liquid isolation technology

The fabric is isolating in nature and forms a liquid-repellant layer when it encounters any type of liquid molecules. Though the fabric is hydrophobic, it lets sweat pass to the outside.

This keeps odor away from accumulating and makes the t-shirt perfect for wearing during hot weather or for any kind of sports.

Extremely easy to wash

The hydrophobic fabric has an added benefit of making the t-shirt extremely easy to wash. It does not let oil or grease stick and immediately lets it get washed away when dipped in water.