Portable Stand Alone Foldable Bathtub

Portable Stand Alone Foldable Bathtub

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The portable foldable bathtub for adults has been carefully designed to make it simple to enjoy a hot and steamy bathing experience. Immerse your body in warm water as you read your favorite book with this foldable tub.


Ergonomic Design - Our foldable bathtub has been built to provide users a simple and easy bathing experience without any inconvenience. By filling up our portable adult bathtub with warm water, you can plunge in to relax your entire body! People up to 6'5" can easily fit into this collapsible bathtub.

Health Benefits - Due to its compact convenient size, all of the water inside our large folding tub is concentrated on your body. Making all of your muscles relax and release the tension within just a few minutes.

Easy To Drain - After using the tub you can easily drain all of the water through the small hole on the bottom of the bathtub. In addition, a pipe can be attached to this hole to control the direction in which the water is drained out.

Crafted for simplicity and ease of use, our portable folding tubs give the utmost comfort across a compact room.


The best aspect of all, because of its ergonomic design and scale, our folding bathtub is simple to transport; just drain all the water out of usage, fold it up and lock it away! In addition, this stand-alone, collapsible bathtub can be used easily indoors and outdoors with utter comfort.

It's as simple as opening a small tub and filling it with water. The exterior coat of our rotating adult bathtub was built to hold the water moist over longer periods of time. By utilising a compact bathtub, the water should be emptied into a tiny opening at the bottom of the bathtub.

Package Content

1x Folding Bath Tub Bucket
6x Support tube
3x Support tube
1x Drain pipe
1x Water tap
1x Mat


Material: High-Quality Plastic

Height: Fits all people up to 6'3" but those under 5'7" can fully stretch legs