TLC Bamboo Fiber Socks™

TLC Bamboo Fiber Socks™

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Bamboo fibers are the new gold standard for socks because of its extreme moisture wicking properties. Its property is quick to suck up sweat so it does not stay on your skin for any lengthy period…

Apart from its ability to wick moisture, bamboo fibers are also naturally anti-bacterial. TLC Bamboo Fiber Socks™ helps to keep your feet healthy by fighting of unwanted odor, fungus, bacteria, and dust mites.

We believe that bamboo is just as friendly to your skin as it is to the earth. TLC Bamboo Fiber Socks™ is:




🌿sustainable source of textile

Bamboo is an evergreen plant that is popular for its durability and eco-friendliness. On top of this, if you're someone who's on the feet all day or perhaps has naturally sensitive skin; TLC Bamboo Fiber Socks™ is a gentle alternative that will keep you feeling comfortable and light on your toes


Material: Bamboo Fiber, Spandex, Polyester

Size: Eur 39-43